Keeper of the Flame

keeper of the flame

This serpent, which was painted in 2016 When Moon and Mars were conjunct at 28 degrees Scorpio, is meant to honor the work of teachers and parents. Teachers and parents are tasked with a special job of keeping the flame of humanity burning through time. Every generation is like a change of the skin of a serpent, old is shed and new begins. By the time we are parents and teachers we are the body of the serpent, but we are responsible for forming the new skin of the serpent. Our firmness, kindness, compassion, love, wisdom, and knowledge are all being passed on to the children we know and share our lives with intimately. It is our jobs to be the best examples of a human being we can. To refine ourselves, so they, our children are refined, compassionate keepers of humanity. This painting is being auctioned by the Jacoby Creek School Foundation in Arcata Californ ia at their annual fund raising auction March 3 2016 for the purpose of continuing the flame,. It was painted in a single stroke, in the space of three breaths, starting with the head and ending with the tale. May the children grow wise and strong.