Mystic Serpent honors Venus

Mystic Serpent Venus

Venus is symbolic of love and passion. It is this love and passion by which we all enter into the world. The mystic serpent knowing this, honors Venus for the joy she gives to humanity.

This painting which displays harmony and balance honors the energy of passion that is part of the path of life. Our lives are like the serpent, in that we go through many changes as we travel from a seed to dust, those changes pass us so quickly, like night time dreams. Yet they have coming themes or cycles to them. One of the themes is that passion will arise and subside in a rhythmic pattern. The pattern of the arising and subsiding of passion, love, and lust is attributed to the planet Venus by all astrological traditions. Here the serpent honors the planet Venus, for it is through moments of lust, that the seed of our being took a physical form in the never ending dance of live.

This painting was created the moemnt that Venus was conjunct Mars, during the year of the Goat,  August 31st 2015. It is available for $680


  1. This is beautiful!

    • Thank you very much. It has gone on to a new home in Washington State, where it is gracing the walls of a wonderful stone and silver worker. New paintings coming soon.

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